Eliminate COSTS

No more purchasing of new materials

  • Disposable (pig) mats
  • Oil Dry
  • 55 Gallon Drums

Eliminate WASTE

No more incineration or landfill costs

  • No more incineration fees including tipping fees
  • No landfill fees or taxes

Reduce LABOR

By increasing floor productivity time

  • Reduce employee time spent cleaning a mess up
  • Increase floor productivity

Reduce Liabilities:

Companies that landfill saturated absorbents can be held liable by the EPA, resulting in citation or fines. CLR's reusable absorbent recycling program eliminates your company's liability for disposal of these materials.


  • True Cradle-to-Grave protection
  • No waste water as a by product
  • Digital paperwork
  • No Manifest
  • No hazardous chemicals

Our program in action

Absorbent Mats Absorbent Mats Absorbent Mats Absorbent Mats