Glove Laundering Program Benefits:
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

  • Reduce the amount you spend on materials, especially on high cost gloves such as Kevlar ®
  • Laundering saves, on average, upwards of 30%


  • Switch to a sustainable laundering program and increase the lifespan of your PPE
  • Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills


  • Laundered gloves are removed of substances that may cause skin irritation
  • No hazardous chemicals are used during the laundering process
  • All items are inspected for quality control
Type of Items Laundered:
Kevlar Kevlar ®
Nitrile Coating Nitrile Coating
Sleeves Sleeves
Leather Leather
Nylon Nylon
Knit Polyurethane Dipped
Polyurethane Dipped Knit
And many more

Free Trial

Test the program out for free by letting us launder between 50-100 lbs of your gloves. Fill out the form below or call 888.USED.OIL. One of our glove specialists will come out to your facility for an assessment.

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